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New Orleans Food & Farm Network and St. Charles Parish are partnered to bring an affordable and fully stocked professional kitchen space to local food entrepreneurs to prepare their unique foods for mass market sales.

Building a local food economy requires both the local farmers growing food and the food entrepreneurs making products from this local food.

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Edible Enterprises assists this by:

  • Lowering the risk for creating a food business;

  • Providing technical assistance and training in good food manufacturing practices; and

  • Helping food entrepreneurs source ingredients locally.

Maybe you have a recipe to bring to market?

Or maybe you would like to start your own food business?

Or you are a farmer and you’d like to expand your markets to include a food producer?

Edible Enterprises is your place to start or expand a food-related small business. 

What is A Food Business Incubator?

We are a business incubator that specializes in helping food and farming businesses. We help companies survive and grow during the start-up period by providing business support, services, and resources. At our food business incubator kitchen in Norco, LA (only 20 miles from New Orleans and 50 miles from Baton Rouge), we go beyond standard business assistance by providing entrepreneurs with shared kitchen spaces and equipment. We eliminate the costly expense for each business to construct its own production facility.

FYI - we are 1 of 3 food business incubator kitchens in Louisiana!

We Offer:

  • Two (2) government approved shared-use commercial kitchens available 24-7

  • Packaging equipment

  • Ample storage space (dry, refrigerated, and freezer)

  • Referrals to food manufacturing experts - food science, product development, marketing, distribution, and business development

Please Note: All businesses using the kitchen are required to obtain permits from the LA Dept of Health.

We have a Tenant Punchlist that can help you understand the process of getting permitted — email us at

What can you Make at the Kitchen?

  • Canned vegetable and fruit products

  • Baked goods

  • Candies

  • Dry salts/seasonings

  • Dried herbs/teas

  • Beverages (non-alcoholic)

  • Seafood products

No Beef, Poultry, or Pork products may be produced at the facility

PLEASE NOTE:  The kitchen facility is not setup for assisting Food Trucks, Caterers, or Popups.  If you are one of those, please email us and we will share with you information on commissary kitchens you can contact.

The Businesses



  • Alfajores

  • Bayou Brew

  • Bayou Brothers

  • Bissap Breeze

  • Big Easy Bucha

  • Busters Homemade Pecan Candy

  • Confetti Confections

  • Cousin's Dressing

  • Creole & Company

  • Cuddin' Eddie's

  • Cupcake Fairies

  • Emma D's

  • Fabourg Farms

  • Geaux Nuts n NOLA

  • Gro-Nola

  • kulbslaw llc

  • Louisiana Sister's

  • Magoun’s

  • Mama Spice

  • Manhattan Jack LLC

  • Militello's Gourmet

  • Moo-Zing

  • Mutt Mama

  • NO Pepper Jelly

  • NOLA Batchman

  • Old Jamaica Pepper Jelly

  • Omi's Gourmet Foods

  • The Puddin' Shop

  • Salahuddin Enterprises

  • Satchmo’s Creole Mustard

  • Southern Sweetie

  • Sweet Southern Sauces

  • Troy's Seafood Pies

  • Wow Wee

  • XODO Botanicals

  • Zydeco Spice