Small Batch Co-Packing


The copacking arrangement at Edible Enterprises caters to the needs of the smaller producer, start-up company, and those looking to bring a test product to market.  We offer low volume product runs at affordable prices that fill a niche in the market that other large batch co-packers cannot match.  The copacking here has been modified to follow Louisiana Department of Health guidance.

Here is how it works:

  • Company A gets permitted to produce product at Edible Enterprises.
  • Company A hires Copacking Force–  production manager, food worker — to create product.
  • There is no minimum batch size since you are now a tenant of Edible Enterprises.

The Copacking Force is something Edible Enterprises provides.  We will work with you to develop your process and system in the kitchen and train the production manager.  If needed, we will also help coordinate and assist the production manager and other workers to source, produce, and package products.

888.966.0829 x3

Our Facility

Located 25 minutes from New Orleans and less than 1 hour from Baton Rouge, Edible Enterprises is a 20,000 square foot facility with two government approved shared-use commercial kitchens available 24-7, packaging equipment, and ample storage space for tenants (freezer, cooler and dry pallet storage).

Our Equipment

  • Commercial 6-burner Gas Stove/Oven/Griddle
  • 4 Convection Ovens
  • 2 Tilt Skillets
  • 2 Steam Jacketed Kettles
  • 2 Mixer/Kneaders
  • 2 Chopper/Kneader/Emulsifiers
  • Copper Gas Candy Kettle
  • Proofer
  • 2 Food Processors
  • Wrap Around Labeler
  • Bottle Capper
  • Vacuum Pack Machine
  • 2 Packaging Heat Sealers
  • Single & Dual Piston Compression Bottlers
  • 2 Hot Water Dishwashers w/ Booster Heaters

The Process

How do I begin?
We begin the process of helping bring your product to market with a conversation. We want to ensure we are the best fit for you to produce your product before anyone spends a dime. We want you to be as comfortable with us as we are with your product. Lasting relationships are what we build our business upon. Please contact us to discuss your co-packing needs at (888)966-0829 x3 or

What’s the next step?

pilot incubation agreement

What’s the cost?