NOLA Growers Guide

There is an amazing urban growing tradition in New Orleans. The sub-tropical climate and fertile soil provided optimal conditions for year-round growing. Yet there are still challenges – contaminated soil, an abundance of pests, and limited resources. The NOLA Growers Guide is offered as a way to overcome these challenges to help the increasing number of New Orleanians who are growing food to not only feed ourselves but to also revitalize the City.

The NOLA Growers Guide is structured in the form of a wiki that is user-friendly and evolving so that we can fine-tune information and models that will help New Orleanians help build neighborhood food security and the local food economy.

We would like to see greater participation from the food systems community – nutritionists, community development professionals, extension agents, faculty, students, public officials, agency representatives, and, of course, farmers and food entrepreneurs. Please comment on the entries and we will modify the NOLA Growers Guide with this important input.  Thanks!


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