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  1. William Kramer says:


    I am interested in using my vacant lots for an urban garden and I need some help. I am a full time practicing dentist in the Ochsner Baptist area and own 2 lots by Clara and Napoleon streets (my building is 2801 Napoleon Ave.

    I would be interested in discussing options in crop sharing and using volunteers to aid in the farming of this land. I would love to be able to help empower some neighbors and local folks to work on this project with us.

    Would appreciate your response You may e-mail me or call at 891-2826

    Bill Kramer

    • noffn0 says:

      Mr. Kramer.

      We have some resources in the land section of the FarmCity Toolbox —
      We could list your properties on stating your request for application from farmers. please let us know if that would interest you by emailing

  2. Chris Ryan says:

    I’m in need of a couple of yards of good garden soil for free or cheap for my garden in the 9th ward. Any suggestions?

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