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  1. William Kramer says:


    I am interested in using my vacant lots for an urban garden and I need some help. I am a full time practicing dentist in the Ochsner Baptist area and own 2 lots by Clara and Napoleon streets (my building is 2801 Napoleon Ave.

    I would be interested in discussing options in crop sharing and using volunteers to aid in the farming of this land. I would love to be able to help empower some neighbors and local folks to work on this project with us.

    Would appreciate your response You may e-mail me or call at 891-2826

    Bill Kramer

  2. Chris Ryan says:

    I’m in need of a couple of yards of good garden soil for free or cheap for my garden in the 9th ward. Any suggestions?

  3. Sera Deva says:

    I’m a recent Agriculture & Molecular Biology grad moving to the New Orleans area next month. I’m wondering if there are any other resources for job opportunities in the farming network of New Orleans or any organizations that are hiring that you all have heard of? I’m specifically interested in seed saving and plant breeding for organic soils, soil science and community outreach. I have been traveling across the U.S. visiting farms and intentional communities and fell in love with the awesome ag stuff thats going on in the Big Easy. Check out my website here:

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
    See you down the road,

  4. Erika says:


    I’m interested in purchasing property and setting up an edible garden. Do y’all offer advice or resources for building, zoning, permits, etc?

  5. I’m a Gardner/Chef currently with a edible garden in my backyard. I’m starting my own catering company and would love some guidance and mentoring/training opportunities. I’ve searched the site and learned a lot but there’s still more. There’s an educational/non profit accompanying this endeavor and would like a personal conversation with any knowledgable individuals, any recommendations?

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