NOLA City Farms

The NOLA City Farms Program trains, connects, and empowers New Orleans’ urban farmers to spread knowledge about growing, selling, and giving more food in their communities.

The program provides hands-on technical trainings, educational programs, instruction on organic and sustainable practices, garden builds, urban farming support, cooking classes, as well as, supporting entrepreneurial opportunities around fresh food and produce vending.

The program aims to create sustainable change in a defined, localized context by focusing on building leadership through a diversity of neighborhood-defined (and, ultimately, neighborhood-maintained) community food projects in New Orleans neighborhoods that help advance food justice where:

  • Growers teach other growers
  • Neighbors feed neighbors
  • People grow what they eat, and eat what they grow
  • Communities learn where there food comes from
  • Communities take control of where their food comes from
  • Jobs are created
  • Residents save money

The NOLA City Farms Program consists of several overlapping initiatives:


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