From its inception, NOFFN has seen the offering workshops and trainings as a key element to increasing food access. We a training of trainers approach encouraging workshop participants to become our  workshop leaders.

Grow Mo’ Betta Workshops

Monthly citywide training in pesticide-free, sustainable food growing techniques through our monthly are offered on a rotating schedule at partner organization throughout the City. NOFFN members pay no workshop fee.

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Garden Starting Primer Trainings

Garden Leaders will offer bi-monthly Garden Starting Primer Trainings to encourage more community residents` to become involved in food growing.

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Advanced Growers Trainings

Seasonal Advanced Growers Trainings provide daylong instruction from regionally-acclaimed instructors.

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Community Food Education Workshops

Even with affordable fresh food access, people don’t truly have access to food unless they know how to use it. Proper storage and preparation methods are key components to true food access. Residents are encouraged to cook with more fresh, local ingredients through cooking demonstrations at growing sites, farmers markets, and community centers. Details Coming Soon!

Local Foods Entrepreneurship Trainings

Series of 12 workshops on Small Farmer Business Practices, Market Management, Production Management, Best Practices in Farm Management, Marketing, Value Added Processing. Development of a Market Urban Agriculture Training Program (Mentor Farming w/Certification) Details Coming Soon!

2 comments on “Workshops
  1. Nelle Edge says:

    Hi There,

    I am looking into NOFFN and would love to attend a training, as well as other opportunities available.

    Could I be put on a mailing list or something of the sort?

    Thanks very much,
    Nelle Edge

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