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ED Blog – Confessions of a Non-Profit

Think about the future. Not real far off; say only 6 years away – 2020. Where will your food come from? The dominant producer of the US’s fruits and veggies — California, check out its dominance — is in a

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Blog: Rewards of Seasonal Eating

20140427 Garden Planting 032

Seasonal eating is something that many Americans take for granted. Look around! We love and live in a state that has embraced seasonal statewide eating for as long as Louisiana’s agricultural bounty has been harvested and utilized. Even former residents

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Blog – Embracing Challenges & Creating Opportunities for Urban Agriculture


Who is a farmer to you? Do you differentiate the term “farmer” from “agricultural producer?” The word producer obviously insinuates production of some sort; but more specifically and in terms of agriculture, it tends to insinuate the growth and harvest

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Blog – GMOs: Just Label What?


A few weeks ago I attended a panel at the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show about labeling Genetically Modified Organisms in our food. While it was super difficult to tear myself away from all the free samples of cheese going

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Blog – Seasonal Eating at its Most Luscious


It is the sweetest season of the year and no, I’m not talking about Jazz Fest. Strawberries have been cropping up at local markets and in people’s backyards in New Orleans for a while now. If you are a newbie

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Blog – Ten Reasons to Buy Local Food


(adapted from ‘Growing For Market’ newsletter) by Vern Grubinger, vegetable and berry specialist, University of Vermont Extension It’s Eat Local Challenge Month in New Orleans. Here’s a list of ten reasons why eating local food is not only good for

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EDblog: Toolbox + Action = Change


I’ve been missing a bunch of deadlines lately. NOFFN recently partnered up with the Office of Service Learning at Delgado to develop a brochure about NOFFN’s work. I was late turning it in, but the pressure of having to give

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Blog – Finding Common Ground in NOLA through Food Justice


The fabric of New Orleans is changing. In the food system world there are many newcomers looking to begin innovative food projects in the city. In addition there are long term residents that may want to be part of the

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EDblog – Undoing Racism in the New Orleans Food System


Together with the Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement & Development, NOFFN is holding a training workshop for board members, staff, partner organizations, and community members led by The People's Institute for Survival & Beyond. What follows are some

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Blog – Farm Incubation project grows with help from a volunteer photographer

Debra Surtain, Apostolic Outreach Community Garden (photo by John Paul Henry)
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