Partner Organizations: Do you need volunteers?

NOFFN occasionally hears from interested volunteers who we aren’t able to accommodate.

These folks are ready and willing to volunteer, but unfortunately their available time doesn’t line up with our volunteer opportunities.

We don’t want these potential volunteers’ good intentions to go to waste!

If you are one of our partner organizations that has a need for volunteers, let us know.

We’d be happy to put you on our roster of organizations where we send volunteers.

Email with your information and a brief description of what type of volunteer opportunities you have and we’ll be in touch.

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3 comments on “Partner Organizations: Do you need volunteers?
  1. Hello,

    My name is Matthew Wofford. I am the sous chef at Cafe Hope on the westbank, in Marrero. We are farm to table restaurant that has our own garden. We teach at-risk youth age 17 to 23 lifeskills and how to cook. We have a wonderful garden and could always use some help.

  2. Jean martinolich says:

    A Growing Playce for Collaborative Community needs volunteers on ongoing at various established sites. Additionally, we are in the negotiating process of obtaining property for an Intentional Community, centered around collaboration, diversity, environmental and social sustainability, with a vision of emerging micro-businesses, including an array of opportunities not only in sustainable farming, but in green building, the arts for social change and the use of social agriculture for community building, personal development and pre-vocational job training of maginalized, low-income residents.

    Anyone who has skills that resonate with the development of this community, please call. There are challenges ahead for you. But we are also looking for folks who just want to pull weeds a couple of times a week. Whatever you have to offer, we can make you sleep well at night.

    Many future hugs are in store for you.

    A Growing Playce for Collaborative Community
    (Gumbo Housing: The Next Step)

    • noffn0 says:

      A Growing Playce for Collaborative Community is listed on our network opportunities page

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