Growing Sites, Markets, & Other Sites in NOLA

We know that there’s a lot of growing going on in New Orleans.

We’ve put together a map of community gardens, school gardens, micro-farms, compost and soil businesses, and other things food- and farm-related so that we can get a snapshot of this amazing activity (FYI – we do not show backyard gardens on the map for the sake of individual privacy).

Our aim is to raise the visibility of all the great work being done by individuals, neighborhood groups, schools, houses of worship, other non profits, businesses, etc.

We also know that we most likely overlooked some important projects and would like to include them on the map.  There is a form below the map that lets everyone tell us about their growing projects.

Last thing – feel free to share the map on your website, to your social networks, etc.

Special thanks go out to Morgan Otto-Berglund who helped carry the idea into a real thing!

View Growing Sites, Markets, & Other Sites in NOLA in a full screen map

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