Wanted: Farmer in Ponchatoula, LA.

We received this request for help from Noreen Edwards:

“My brothers and I grew up farming on our property 7 miles east of Ponchatoula, LA … We had free range beef cattle (but 40 years ago, who knew free-range beef would one day be so valuable) and strawberries. The strawberries were farmed conventionally with herbicides and fungicides. But no one has farmed there for at least 25 years, so it could be certified as organic I think…

“We own three parcels of land there, and must sell some, but are thinking of keeping one piece that’s about 20 acres. Our family house is on the property and my niece lives there, and my brother is planning on building a house next to it. But on the other end, there are about 5 acres that are high and completely unoccupied. There are probably 15 acres in that parcel that are a possibility in the long term…

“I have spoken with my brothers about leasing out some land for someone to farm and they like this idea. We all farmed when we were growing up. Almost all of our some 60-ish cousins and aunts and uncles farmed then, and almost no one does now. So, we have sentimental reasons for keeping part of our land, farmland…
“I was thinking that we could lease our land out to someone who might want to get started on a farm in the country and only one hour from New Orleans and one hour from Baton Rouge…

“Produce, grain or cruelty free animal products are possibilities. Recreational and educational farming activities are also possibilities. We would entertain any proposals. If you are interested please let me know. And please distribute freely.”

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This could

be a wonderful opportunity for a farmer.

Please contact Noreen Edwards – designgreenlandscapes@gmail.com, or 312-882-0580

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