Kind of Like 'eFarmony': Matching Farmers With Urban Landowners For Fun And Profit | NPR

“… [Marilyn]  is with the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA). She’s trying to match owners of underutilized land outside Philadelphia and people who want to farm. In this case, the match would take the form of a lease…

…While leasing is common among big factory farms of corn or soybeans, Anthony says many small farmers are cool to the idea. And she says the landowners aren’t too crazy about it either.

… Many organic

farmers put in years of labor improving the soil they farm, and no one wants to see all that labor go to waste if their landlord decides not to renew the lease.

…But even among farmers who do decide the risks of leasing are worth it, setting up that kind of arrangement can be difficult on their own.

PASA recently launched its new land leasing program, Farm Lease Connection (FLC), to address these concerns and bring farmers and landowners together in the creation of successful farm enterprises. FLC is best described as a blend of eBay and eHarmony that introduces new or expanding farmers to landowners of all kinds, from private homeowners to municipalities and land trusts. The program uses web technology and personal communication to bring both parties together.  Parcels of land as small as a ¼ acre up to hundreds of acres are all potentially eligible for inclusion. At this time, there is no cost to farmers or landowners to enroll in FLC.

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