Ms. Lanette Williams

It is with heavy hearts that we at NOFFN say good bye to our friend and

colleague, Ms. Lanette Williams, who died at home on November 18, 2012.

In the first years following Katrina, as we sought to define our work for food justice and access


several neighborhoods throughout the city, Ms Lanette worked alongside us in community gardens, backyard gardens, and high school cooking classes. Through the telling of her own personal story she became one of the most inspirational “elders” in our series of Food Talk interviews and public health posters.

We are just one of several social justice organizations for whom Ms. Lanette’s hard work and bright light gave real meaning to the words “love your neighbor”.

In the past several years Ms. Lanette and her husband Tony Lee never stopped working towards the health of their family, neighbors and youth from around the city. She taught us, through her example, the qualities of dedication, enthusiasm, light heartedness, tireless effort, and above all respect for community.

Thank you Lanette!


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