Regional Food Hub Resource Guide from USDA @ Wallace Center

Had a great conversation with John Burns, CEO of Jack & Jake’s, a couple weeks back.  Looking forward to the working with Louisiana’s first urban food hub.

Check out the Regional Food Hub Resource Guide, a

new resource developed by USDA and the Wallace Center at Winrock International, released in April at the Food Hub Collaboration’s Spring 2012 Conference.

“Regional food hubs are increasing market access for local and regional producers: Many farmers and ranchers—especially smaller operations—are challenged by the lack of distribution and processing infrastructure of appropriate scale that would give them wider access to retail, institutional, and commercial foodservice markets, where demand for local and regional foods continues to rise. Food hubs offer a combination of production, distribution, and marketing services that allows them to gain entry into new and additional markets that would be difficult or impossible to access on their own.”

Jack & Jake

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