Introducing NOFFN's New Partner – Atlanta Metro Food & Farm Network

NOFFN’s methodology focusing on coalition-building to build local food security based on neighborhood-identified and neighborhood-managed projects has been adopted by a new partner in the the Atlanta Metropolitan area — the Cheapest Cialis Online uk”>Atlanta Metro Food & Farm Network (AM-FFN).

from their website:

“AM-FFN is a both a modified imitation of existing urban agriculture business models as well as an original embryonic idea. We do local food system development with focus on the unique civic and political culture of metro Atlanta.

“The urban agriculture movement in Atlanta is more popular than ever and bursting with potential, but suffers from lack of practical expertise and connectivity to many existing points of human behavior or societal systems. Our mission involves connecting the dots of the emerging Atlanta regional local food system, one aspiring

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community or institution at a time. We want food security for all and control of the means of production and distribution in the hands of the people.”

NOFFN looks forward to a fruitful partnership and exchange of models and strategies with our partners at AM-FFN.

Atlanta Metro Food & Farm Network (AM-FFN)@
ECO-Action, Inc

250 Georgia Avenue SE, Suite 309,Atlanta, GA 30312

Office: 404.584.6499
Mobile: 404.991-0334
facebook –
“Seeding Community Change”



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