FarmHack – Epitomizes the spirit of NOFFN, Check out their Tool section

FarmHack offers farmers new opportunities to work together on tools and innovations that will make farms more sustainable and efficient.

Mainstream agricultural research and development tries to solve farmers’ problems with top-down, chemical and energy-intensive inventions.

FarmHack seeks to solve problems by helping our community of farmers to be better inventors, developing tools that fit the scale and their ethics of our sustainable family farms.

The Principles of FarmHack:

  • Cooperative innovation by farmers to address their farms’ challenges.
  • Collaboration with allies such as designers + engineers.
  • Research and development driven by the needs and insights of sustainable farmers.
  • Bringing farmers and allies together face-to-face at Charrette Events on farms, in grange halls and at institutions.
  • Idea sharing that is open source, over the internet and face-to-face.

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