Coastal Women for Change (Biloxi, MS) needs help rebuilding their garden

Coastal Women for Change, a Biloxi, Mississippi-based community group that focuses on women’s empowerment and community development through programs for the elderly and children, is looking donations and volunteers to hel

p with their community garden, which was ruined by flooding from Hurricane Isaac.

Sharon Hanshaw founded the group in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, after seeing how her Black community in Biloxi was being left out of government relief and recovery efforts, and seeing how it was women who were leading the charge to rebuild the community.

Sharon wrote about the garden, “When Coastal Women for Change first thought about doing a community garden, I was very skeptical. For one thing I have never grown anything before. For another, I have never grown anything before (lol)…. This garden is so important to our community. It is important for our life. This garden can help reduce the heart disease in our community, eliminate the food shortage for families, help community members exercise, and most importantly bring our community back to bonding and sharing.”

Read more and see pictures of the garden before Isaac:

– a tiller
– a couple of hard rake
– a swivel hoe
– tool rack
– irrigation system with a timer

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One comment on “Coastal Women for Change (Biloxi, MS) needs help rebuilding their garden
  1. Thanks so much for supporting your neighboring friends.

    Coastal Women for Change

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