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– great analysis by folks in Missouri on the misconceptions put forth by those who think big ag is the only efficient ag

“…..Recently, we have been discussing the ongoing series of pronouncements from the Freakonomics fellows along the line that “Local Food is worse for the Environment.”

These economists always supply readers and listeners with interesting fodder that can help to break-through common misconceptions or misunderstandings of how the world’s economy works.

In this case, we think they actually have some valid points. It’s just that their headlines—plus assumptions and conclusions—are not correct….

…We…are intimately involved with the production, processing, distribution and marketing o

f local food

…because we’re trying to build a local food industry that can create jobs and transform the economic livelihood of farmers

…because we believe that a transparent and traceable food supply is more secure and safe than a commodity system washed clean with ammonia and gas chambers

…because we like the tasty and farm-fresh flavors of local foods

…we have been working on this issue and thinking about it long enough to know that even in a simple economic analysis the Freakonomics team left some things out…”

check it out:

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